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Roadmap Reveal & Multiplayer Update

Protectors of the Light,

Firstly, the team would like to extend a massive thank you to all of our players for your patience over the past few months. We’ve been hard at work on the development of Age of Darkness: Final Stand, including new single player content, and our long awaited Multiplayer update.

We are excited to share the future Roadmap for Age of Darkness: Final Stand, and reveal the final stages of our journey through Early Access and our path to Multiplayer and our full 1.0 release.

Over 2024, we will be releasing three new content updates, with a core focus on addressing known issues and bugs, and bringing new single player, Survival focussed content to the world of Erodar. These will include upcoming balance changes, introducing the Order Knight to Survival mode, and new Blessings, Hardships, and Malices.

Our first new update - Seeds of Darkness - is now available, featuring Map Seeds, Achievements, World Map updates, animation updates, and new accessibility options for our players, alongside several bug fixes and balance changes. The next update - Cloaks & Arms - will be available from July 9th, 2024 and will include the new Order Knight.


We have remained committed to delivering on our vision for Age of Darkness: Final Stand - a vision that has always included a co-op Survival mode. We’re pleased to say that development is progressing well - and while this has been a humbling and challenging experience along the way - we’re massively excited to share that Multiplayer is currently planned to launch, alongside our full 1.0 release, this coming Winter (or Summer, if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere like us).

Early Multiplayer Gameplay | Development In-Progress

We understand that you, our players, and our valued Age of Darkness: Final Stand community will be key to helping steer us through this process. With that in mind, our goal is to share the first Multiplayer Beta this Fall.

We’ll aim to share exact dates for both our Multiplayer Beta, and the end of Early Access as we get closer to both launches.

We are incredibly excited for the future of Age of Darkness: Final Stand, and looking forward to sharing more updates around our Multiplayer development, and road to 1.0 in the coming weeks and months. Importantly, we’re excited to continue on this new chapter of our development journey with you - our players.

Till next time Protectors of the Light…


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