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PlaySide partners with Team17 to publish Age of Darkness: Final Stand!

Hey all, we’re excited to share that we have partnered with the world renowned game publisher Team 17 to publish Age of Darkness: Final Stand!

Since AoD is our first major PC game that we’ve developed, we want to ensure we put ourselves and the game in the best position for success through Early Access and beyond. Part of this was exploring partnerships with publishers that believe in our vision for the game and share our values as a studio, along with the ability to support publishing and marketing Age of Darkness: Final Stand far beyond what our current capabilities are.

We have found that awesome partner in Team 17!

The reaction to Age Of Darkness: Final Stand from our community so far has been amazing and we thank you. This support has truly inspired us even more to continue making the best game possible. Our partnership with Team 17, means we have the long term support to do that and add many of the modes and features you’ve already been requesting to the game.

In regards to the early access release, we have jointly decided to delay it until October 7th. As part of this important partnership, we need to transition a few things to our new partner which will take a little bit of time to finalize, yes the business stuff!!!

We don’t want to impact the overall experience for our community by launching this in the middle of this transition, hence the delay.

We know some of you will be disappointed by this news considering we are so close to the original release date we planned but hang in there, we know we can accomplish what we need in the coming weeks.

On the plus side, this partnership provides PlaySide with the ability to realise the long-term vision we have for Age of Darkness: Final Stand. Which would be to to load up the features that hardcore RTS fans love, all with our own little spin on things to make this title truly unique and fun to play.

The whole team at PlaySide is so excited for you to get your hands on the game, and build it into the best experience possible through our partnership with Team 17 and your crucial feedback!

PlaySide Team


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